Together we make a family

Stuck In The Mud Rescue was founded on the ideas that everyone deserves a second chance. Specializing in finding animals in shelters all over North America, we find animals that need a second chance and find them new families. Instead of finding breeders for a specific breed, we search kennels, shelters, rescues and foster families for animals that have potential. We know that adding a new four legged family member can be a daunting chore.

We do not traffic animals across the border. All animals crossing must have their documents in order or they will not cross. As well we try to work closely with shelters to have an understanding of animals behaviour and look for ones with behavioural assessments.

Stuck In The Mud is a private animal rescue operating out of the Belleville and Hastings area of South Eastern Ontario. We try to only take in animals that we know can go on to find better homes and to help, even if it means they are very ill, we will do our best to make sure that they are taken care of. We are not associated with the Ontario SPCA and if you suspect cruelty we ask you contact them or your local SPCA for help. Everyone who does their part can make a big impact on many animals lives.

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